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adresse du site:http://saveursnomades.free.fr portable: assou:(00212) 661 558 219 hassan:(00212) 677 448 319 ou m'envoyer un mail :assou212@hotmail.fr Venez me rejoindre dans mon désert - photos de mon pays "le maroc" ... Un petit thé à la menthe à partager entre amis!!!! OU UNE PETITE RANDO? Chamelier de grandes caravanes - Bivouacs dans les dunes de l'erg Chebbi (désert Marocain). Organisateur de trekking - Excursions meharées - Venir unirseme en mi desierto - fotographia de mi païs "marueccos" - un pequeños té de menta que débé compartirse entre amigos!!! O un péqueño rando ! Conductor de camello de grandes caravanas. Vinaque en las dunas del Ergio Chebbi ( désierto marocain)

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: Ajouté le 10/4/2007 à 20:58

My name is Assou and I am a berbère camel driver. 
I live in Hassi Biad village, which is next to Merzouga in the Erg Chebbi, east of Ouarzazate. 
I can guide you across this pink desert; I know it perfectly because I was born there.
My parents, 2 of my brothers and my young sister Radija live there: 
they settled on the verge of the black desert there and are in charge of dromedaries and goats.
According to what you want, a ‘circuit’ (one or several days) is possible, 
in this desert as well as in the black desert which stretches up to the mountains which separate
Morocco of Algeria:
See the sunset in the pink dunes, 
meet nomads and drink tea with them, 
sleep under Berber's tents, 
search fossils or walk in the black mountains to admire the wonderful landscapes…
You can end your stay by renting bikes to ride to the pink flamingos’ lake, 
visit agrarian villages and palm groves… 
or simply go to the communal oven, meet the women who cook their bread, 
and finally go to the market to buy spices,‘souvenirs’...
For information or bookings, contact me 
on my mobile: (00 212) 70 91 49 97  
or send me an email: assou212@hotmail.fr

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